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We understand that child custody is one of the most sensitive and transcendental aspects in any legal process related to the family. In our
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we protect the rights and interests of children, providing legal advice and representation in matters of custody and visitation.

We understand the importance of seeking solutions that prioritize the welfare of the children involved, so we work with empathy and commitment to ensure that each case is treated with the sensitivity it deserves, always seeking the best interest of the child. Trust our family lawyers and let us be your legal support in this process.

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What is child custody and guardianship?

Guardianship and custody of minors refers to the set of rights and responsibilities that parents or legal guardians have over the care, upbringing and making of important decisions in the lives of their minor children. It is a fundamental issue in situations of divorce
separation or any other family conflict affecting the children.

Guardianship relates to the duty to care for and protect minors in their daily lives, including aspects such as their physical, emotional and educational well-being. Custody, on the other hand, involves making relevant decisions in the child’s life, such as medical, educational and religious matters.

our law firm in Granada
we understand the importance of child custody and we are committed to protect the rights of parents and, above all, to look after the welfare and interests of the children.

We work closely with our clients, offering legal advice and effective representation to seek solutions that promote the healthy and happy development of children in these delicate circumstances.

Types of child custody

Lawyers custody granada

Shared custody

Both parents share responsibility and parenting time after separation or divorce.

Lawyers custody granada

Sole custody

One parent has primary responsibility for the upbringing of the children, while the other parent may have regular visitation rights.

Lawyers custody granada

Split custody

The children reside with one parent most of the time, but both parents share major decisions about the children’s upbringing and education.