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Inheritance Lawyers

In times of loss, dealing with the legal issues related to an inheritance can be overwhelming. In our law firm in Granada we understand the importance and sensitivity of these situations, and we are here to provide you with the legal support you need during this process. We offer you expert legal representation in all matters related to inheritance and estate. Whether you need advice on drafting a will, administering an estate or dealing with family disputes, we are prepared to guide you and protect your rights. Trust our family lawyers in Granada and let us be your legal support in this process.
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Difference between inheritance and will

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Inheritance refers to the set of assets, rights and obligations that a person leaves behind after his or her death. These assets and liabilities form the estate of the decedent and, in accordance with the law or the will, are transferred to his or her legal heirs or designated beneficiaries. The assets that make up an estate may include property, bank accounts, investments, jewelry and other assets, while debts and liabilities are also part of the estate and must be addressed during the probate process.


A will is a legal document that allows a person, known as a testator, to express his or her wishes and decisions about how he or she wants his or her property and assets to be distributed after his or her death. Through the will, the testator can name the heirs who will receive his property, appoint a guardian for his minor children and establish other dispositions according to his preferences. The will is a powerful tool that grants autonomy to the testator to decide the destiny of his estate, always within the established legal limits.

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Legal services we offer

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Negotiation between heirs

We facilitate peaceful and fair agreements in the distribution of inheritance, as we work to reach consensus that respects the interests of all parties involved, thus avoiding potential conflicts and providing an environment of constructive dialogue to resolve differences.

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Inheritance without a will

If a loved one passes away without a will, it is common for questions and concerns to arise about how his or her assets will be distributed. Therefore, we guide the heirs in the legal process of succession and thus help to identify the legal heirs and manage the distribution of the inheritance in accordance with the applicable laws.

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Conflict resolution

Having a legal team dedicated to family dispute resolution is essential. We are trained to deal with complex situations, seeking amicable and fair solutions for all parties involved. We strive to reach agreements that avoid costly litigation and preserve family harmony in these delicate moments.