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Facing a separation can be an emotionally challenging and complex experience. For this reason, in our
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We understand the importance of this process in our clients’ lives and we are here to provide them with the legal support they need at this delicate time.

Our team of family lawyers is committed to providing a compassionate and expert approach to the separation process. We understand that each case is unique and personal, so we strive to provide customized legal solutions and strategies tailored to our clients’ needs. Trust our family lawyers in Granada and let us be your legal support in this process.

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What is a separation?

A separation is a legal process by which a married or common-law couple decides to live independently and end their life together, without officially dissolving the marriage. During this period, the spouses reside physically separated and can make decisions about their individual lives, although they remain legally married.

It is important to note that separation is different from divorce.
In the latter, the marriage is completely dissolved and the legal and financial ties between the spouses are terminated. In a separation, although life together ends,the marriage is still valid in legal terms.

Couples may choose to separate for a variety of reasons, such as communication problems, irreconcilable differences, financial difficulties or family problems. During this period, the spouses may have informal or formal agreements on child custody, division of assets and debts, and other aspects related to their individual and family life.

It is important to keep in mind that separation can be a pre-divorce stage or a definitive option for those couples who do not wish to dissolve their marriage legally. In both cases, it is essential to have the appropriate legal advice to protect the rights and interests of both parties during this process, whether to reach mutually agreed settlements or to resolve disputes through a judicial process.

Separation process

The separation process is a legal stage that involves ending the life together of a married couple or a couple in a stable de facto union. The following is a step-by-step explanation of how this process is carried out:


Determine the type of separation

Both spouses agree on the terms of the separation without resorting to a contentious judicial process.


File for separation

One of the spouses will file the separation action with the court. The claimant shall provide the legal basis and reasons for requesting the separation.


Resolution of legal issues

Issues such as child custody, alimony, visitation, and division of assets and property will be addressed.


Separation judgment

Once all issues have been resolved, the court will issue a judgment of separation which will set forth the terms and conditions of the separation. This judgment is binding and must be complied with by both parties.